Muraspec Wallcoverings At The Bialystok Genome Center

Medical University of Bialystok, located in Białystok Poland, has now entered the finishing phase of their Center for Prevention and Personalised Medicine and Genome Center. In partnership with the university, STUDIO A Pracownia Projektowa have specified and installed Muraspec Tuscan wallcoverings, with BIOMASTER antimicrobial protection, in this innovative new medical research facility.

The Challenge

The main challenge that STUDIO A Pracownia Projektowa faced was in sourcing design solutions that met project specifications as the centre is, first and foremost, a medical facility. Studio A’s chief concern, pertaining to wallcoverings, was finding a solution that was both able to meet the cleaning and hygienic protocols of a counter caste facility and also have built-in antibacterial properties.

Given the nature of the project, another major consideration for the designers was the robustness and durability of the wallcoverings. In other words, the wallcovering had to be able to withstand the heavy usage settings of a medical facility.

Studio A has planned the project to the exacting and detailed requirements of this research facility and, consequently, has chosen wallcoverings that complement and accurately reflect the durability and hygienic needs of Medical University of Bialystok’s Center for Prevention and Personalised Medicine and Genome Center. Muraspec was more than up for this challenge.

The Solution

Muraspec Wallcoverings was able to meet all the technical requirements and, in collaboration with STUDIO A designers, provided the best solution for performance, colour and finishes of this Medical University of Bialystok research facility.

Tuscan, from our versatile Muralon wallcovering collection, was the vinyl cladding of choice for the corridors and conference rooms of this facility. Likened to a soft, almost industrial looking concrete effect, Tuscan adds a visually subtle but texturally rich movement to walls. This wallcovering is available in a range of colour from beautiful chalky whites, to delicate and peaceful greys and aesthetically strong graphites. For this project, STUDIO A Pracownia Projektowa has chosen 12944, an industrial yet peaceful grey colourway.

As per STUDIO A’s specifications, this Tuscan wallcovering was sourced with our antimicrobial BIOMASTER coating applied to the cladding at the production stage. Briefly speaking, the coating is based on silver ions known for their bactericidal properties. The silver used in BIOMASTER coating is inorganic and does not leach out – thereby providing maximum antimicrobial protection for facility visitors and personnel throughout the life of the product. Our antimicrobial coating exhibits actively against a range of pathogenic bacteria from Campylobacter to MRSA, E.coli, Legionella, Listeria, Salmonella and many more.

The Result

STUDIO A, in partnership with Muraspec Wallcoverings, was able to fulfil its objective of designing the Bialystok Genome Center with the highest durability and hygienic standards at the forefront of their design specifications.

Firstly, because they are vinyl cladding, our Tuscan wallcoverings are highly durable, long-lasting and incredibly easy to clean – the product can be washed and scrubbed without issue. Secondly, due to their BIOMASTER coating, these wallcoverings satisfy the antimicrobial requirements of a medical facility. Microbiological safety was a crucial consideration from the initial stages of this project.

Finally, arriving back to the design, the collaboration of Medical University of Bialystok, STUDIO A Pracownia Projektowa and Muraspec had resulted in a wallcovering that truly gives the walls a pristine purity and modern industrial style that we come to expect of such  state-of-the-art medical research facilities. We are excited to soon witness the great discoveries that will be achieved in this facility.

Centre for Prevention and Personalized Medicine and the Bialystok Genome Center

Contractor: Budimex

Design: STUDIO A Pracownia Projektowa from Białystok

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